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    I miss my 120 pound Italian doper.

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    Leave It On The Road PDX > LAX Stage 6. 93 miles from the Redwoods to Mendocino. Photos by James Kendi. More at www.leaveitontheroad.com

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    The Whitest Kids U’ Know x

    yeah the pledge of allegiance is seriously fucked up, I only realised recently that americans actually do this every day and I could hardly believe it

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    Fillet brazed, Columbus Life tubes with tapered head tube

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    Pinarello Montello Cromonero from around 1989.

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    Jean-Michel Basquiat

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    Reflections: A young boy casts a striking comparison to an aging man lost in a book on a ferry in Istanbul. 

    Photograph by Merve Ates, National Geographic Your Shot

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