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    I’m selling this cheap. #mavic #Ksyrium SL front hub. Email me: velosouthern @ gmail dot com

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    Marc Locatelli’s comic strip tells the true story of his childhood encounter with Ferdi Kübler. Go to Rouleur for the complete story.

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    From bikes_ftw - #Giant #propel #duraace #di2 #zipp #bikeporn http://ift.tt/1ou9K4t
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    I not only cycle, but I also swim, and run and am an Ironman triathlete so anything that you say we don’t do, insert your stereotype here, I guess I’ve done.

    Excuse my tone but I found your article interesting to say the least. I feel like one of those people who vote in every election but never get called by Gallup? It always kind of steams me when I see these articles that perpetuate the pathology that blacks do not exercise. They age old offensive declarations of the “poor black” person who can’t afford to do insert whatever the white oh so got it together person gets to do. When we well know that lack of physical activity has less to do with race and more to do with access but whatever. If you really want to get a sense of blacks and cycling you should reach out beyond your desk and talk to the thousands of black cyclists who belong to hundreds of black cycling groups all over the world. It might behoove you connect with many of the Major Taylor cycling clubs including the one I belong to called Major Taylor Cycling Club of Chicago.


    Wisdom from readers on African-American biking rates | PeopleForBikes

    This is interesting - People For Bikes wrote an article claiming African-American people don’t ride bikes, and as you can imagine, have had some VERY strong responses. I see this all the time, if you look at any bike advocacy in the UK it’s invariably about white people (middle class, too, but that’s a different rant) cycling for “approved” reasons, ignoring huge swathes of the population.

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    Always obstructing - dang cyclists .. #wymtm #what_were_you_doing_this_morning #rapha #rapha_tow_rope #itelefono5s #vscocam (at Room 10)

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    Festka photographed by Christian Koch at Bespoked 2014

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  10. "You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in."

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    Being a “product of their times” is no excuse. Never let someone off the hook for bigotry. 

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    WITTSON custom project build by Mr. Giacomo Bianchi, Italy

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    Another crazy day down at @thenomadbarberlondon thank you to everyone who came down! Thought I’d keep this one colour to go with today’s weather! Fantastic to meet and tidy up @michelesperandio he’s a big follower of the YouTube channel and made sure he came to see me while in London :) #thenomadbarber who’s coming in tomorrow?

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    The man. #chrisking @chriskingbuzz (Portland Oregon, USA)

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